Tri-County Citizen

Village of St. Charles making water system progress

VILLAGE OF ST. CHARLES – During the Wednesday, Sept. 13 meeting of the St. Charles Village Council, Spicer Group project engineer Mitch Jacqmain reported that good progress was made on the infrastructure projects over the past month. The contractors have restored most of Belle avenue.

Contractors still have some hydrant work and asphalt.

The St. Charles Village DPW has been reconnecting the water service lines. Village Manager Hartmann Aue reported that 20 percent of the service lines are made of either galvanized steel or copper with lead solder. “We’re responsible for 18 inches into the house,” he said.

DPW superintendent Don Ackerman said, “If it’s just a simple connection, we can handle it.”

Aue told the council, “We budgeted really well for everything, except inside the homes.”

Jacqmain said, “It’s well within budget.”

Aue said, “They’re very thorough on every connection.”

Councilman Paul Ginderske said, “I heard one complaint on Hosmer about cleanup.”

Ackerman said, “Yeah, I heard about that.”

Jacqmain said, “We’ll get that taken care of. We’re replacing sidewalk.”

Jacqmain also talked about revising the village’s Safe Routes to School to a $900,000 project.”

In an unrelated project, Aue mentioned that the St. Charles Downtown Development Authority (DDA) wants to do some sidewalk work downtown, as well as adding more electrical outlets for downtown events. Speaking of downtown events, Aue told the council he wants Tito Gauna to light the Christmas tree since it’s his last year with the village; he’s retiring. There was a brief discussion about lighting a Christmas tree downtown this year.