As if training for the Winter Olympics, a youth snow boarder executes a twist maneuver in mid-air at Barber Memorial Park in Montrose Township on Monday, Feb. 5.

Ideas for Blueberry Park explored at Feb. 8 planning board meeting

CITY OF MONTROSE – During the Thursday, Feb. 8 meeting of the Montrose City planning board, Wade Trim landscape architect Katie Dennis presented ideas for enhancements to Montrose Blueberry Park, located at the corner of South Saginaw Street/Nichols Road and Coke Drive. The planning board is preparing for the city to submit several grant applications. These grant applications require plans […]

Feltman’s contract renewed for three years

VILLAGE OF CHESANING – On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Chesaning Village Council approved a new three-year contract to keep Village Administrator Troy Feltman on staff. During the council meeting, councilman Trent Vondrasek explained the finance and administration committee had been working on an agreement for another three years. “For the most part, everyone realizes the quality of the person in […]

Village council approves new grow facility then places moratorium on other new medical marijuana facilities

VILLAGE OF CHESANING – On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Chesaning Village Council voted unanimously to place a moratorium on new medical marijuana facilities in the village. Earlier in the meeting, the council considered two proposals for new medical marijuana facilities. Nicholas Weisenberger and Jason Steele want to establish a medical marijuana grow operation under the name of Country Boy Farms, […]

Collective bargaining agreement modifies employee MERS contributions

VILLAGE OF CHESANING – During the Tuesday, Feb. 6 meeting, the Chesaning Village Council approved a new collective bargaining agreement, which requires village employees to contribute an additional percentage into the retirement system. It affects three village employees. During the meeting, village president Joseph Sedlar, Jr. said, “MERS (Municipal Employee Retirement System) is severely underfunded, about $2.5 million underfunded. We’re […]

Planning board suggests revisiting marijuana ordinance

CITY OF MONTROSE – During the Thursdsay, Feb. 8 meeting of the Montrose City Planning Commission, vice chairman Frank Taylor recommended that the city council revisits the medical marijuana issue. Taylor said, “There’s nothing that simply states ‘the City of Montrose does not allow the sale of marijuana for any reason.’ It’s been stated over and over that people don’t […]


PROPERTY TAX DEADLINE – The Chesaning Township board has voted to extend the 2017 property tax due date to Wednesday, Feb. 28. There will be no interest or penalty charged on winter taxes paid before March 1. Summer bills paid in February will incur six percent interest. Beginning March 1, all delinquent summer and winter taxes will be payable to […]

Chalk Talk

February is a short month, but we have many school and extra-curricular activities taking place. We will be hosting kindergarten sixth Parent/Teacher Conferences, Thursday, Feb. 15 from 4 – 7 p.m. The High School’s Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place Thursday, Feb. 22 from 4 – 7 p.m. As I have mentioned before, this is a great opportunity for parents and […]

Charitable giving and taxes

Many people donate to nonprofit organizations and other philanthropic groups out of a personal desire to do good for others. Such charitable giving can improve the lives of others and may make donors eligible for tax deductions. According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, donors may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations. These generally include […]

Make this the year to budget for charitable giving

Budgets are an important component of personal financing. Without a thorough understanding of the rate of money going in and out of their bank accounts, people cannot accurately assess their potential for spending and saving. Budgets are also handy for paying off debt and planning for the future. Those who budget may find they have more money to devote to […]