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Chesaning Village Council Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2017
President Sedlar called the meeting of the Chesaning Village hearing at 8:10 pm. Motion carried.
Council to order at 7:30 p.m. on May 16, 2017, in the Village of
Chesaning council chambers. Motion by Vondrasek, supported by Hoover to approve pro-
posed Ordinance 20170-5: Medical Marijuana Facilities Act.
Roll Call: Present – Cicalo, Hoover, Larner, Navarre, Sedlar, Von- Roll Call Vote – Cicalo-Nay, Hoover-Aye, Larner-Aye, Na-
drasek, Wenzel Feltman, & Powell. varre-Nay, Sedlar-Aye, Vondrasek-Aye, Wenzel-Aye. Motion
carried 5 to 2.
Motion by Hoover, supported by Cicalo to approve the agen-
da. Motion carried. Motion by Vondrasek, supported by Hoover to approve pro-
posed Ordinance 2017-06 to amend zoning.
Public Statement I – Statements concerning current agenda items.
Roll Call Vote – Cicalo-Nay, Hoover-Aye, Larner-Aye, Navarre-Nay,
Consent Agenda – Sedlar-Aye, Vondrasek-Aye, Wenzel-Aye. Motion carried 5 to 2.
Receive & file: None
Approval of the Village Council meeting minutes from June 6, Items for Action –
2017. Sir John A MacDonald—Canada Day Proclamation Request –
Approval of Accounts Payable in the amount of $84,441.14. Motion by Wenzel, supported by Navarre to declare July 1st
as Sir John A MacDonald Day. Motion carried.
Motion by Hoover, supported by Larner to approve the con-
sent agenda. Motion carried. Contractor Payment Request for USDA Rural Development
WWTP Project: $230,074.02 –
Police Department: Chief Wilburn Motion by Hoover, supported by Navarre to approve Contrac-
Submitted a report for May 15-June 18 tor payment request for USDA Rural Development WWTP Proj-
ect: $230,074.02. Motion carried.
New Business
Items for Introduction / Discussion – July 4th Regular Meeting Date: Reschedule or Cancel –
Public Hearing: Proposed Ordinance 2017-05: Medical Mar- Motion by Hoover, supported by Cicalo to cancel the July 4th
ijuana Facilities Act & Corresponding Proposed Zoning meeting and call a special meeting, if necessary. Motion carried.
Ordinance –
Motion by Hoover, supported by Larner to move into public Public Statement – Joe, Deitring Rd, asked for assistance with
hearing at 7:35 pm. Motion carried. a property line dispute because of neighbors sub pumps flooding
fields. Nancy Krause, Garden Club, discussed the flowers that
Public comments – Rachel Court, Peet Rd, said that it would be they planted on the boulevard and asked about the sprinkler sys-
careless and negligent to ignore federal laws. She expressed tem. Feltman told her that they would have to work with the DDA.
concerns about carbon footprint, electrical demand, and unde- Kent Greenfelder commented that Showboat Park is looking nice.
sirable microorganisms from Marijuana facilities. Kent Green-
felder, Line St, said that he had no objections to the ordinance. Committee Reports
Donna Craft, Clark St, discussed her husband’s passing due to Infrastructure – Will be scheduling a meeting.
cancer and stated that she wished there had been a local store Finance & Administration – Meeting was canceled next meet-
front so that they may have had more time together. Joe Green- ing scheduled for July 18th.
felder, McKeighan Rd, said as a local business person, he’s DDA – Met on June 14th.
all for it. Tommy McFarlan, Anders Dr, said he is in favor of the Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – Discussed the new
ordinances and believes it will help the tax base. Bob Thurston, building, lifelong lease with the transfer of property including
Gary Rd, said that Marijuana is already here, just not on the tax near the sign and the parking lot behind Neurich’s, would also
base. He also explained that Medical Marijuana can medicate like lease for sign.
without getting people high. Denise Navarre, Line St, sits on the Planning Commission – Next Meeting will discuss fences and
Planning Commission and asked everyone to pay attention to chickens on July 25th.
public safety. She feels there is not enough security in the town Airport – Will have camping on the 8th and 9th of July with fire-
for these sorts of businesses. President Sedlar stated that all works on the 8th and Dawn Patrol breakfast on the 9th. Meets
these types of businesses would require a special use permits August 14th.
and will be looked at individually. Sandra McCormick, Executive Parks & Rec – Amphitheater clean up went well. Playground
Director Michigan Cannabis Development Association, Lansing equipment needs updating and possible campground updates.
MI, said that local law enforcement can make decisions about Questions about online reservations. Meeting on July 5th.
the amount of security each business should have. Dennis Mc- Fire Board – Had 19 runs since the last meeting, 15 in the last
Donagh, Center St, said that the ordinance should talk about weekend. A truck went go to Big Rock for the last day of school
specific emergency personnel and that public safety needs to be celebration. Next meeting is July 12th.
addressed. He would like to see the issues go to a public survey Task Force – Next meeting is June 27th at the Chamber build-
or vote for all residents. Joe Greenfelder said that Chesaning ing at 7am.
has to grow to make possibilities for the community. He said that
you can’t hold back for fear and that you have to try. President Administrator’s Report –
Sedlar said that we cannot over restrict businesses and that Motion by Hoover, supported by Navarre to accept the low bid
we need businesses to create jobs. Troy Feltman, Chesaning for sanitary sewer repairs from Fox Construction for $31,983.50.
Village Manager, said that if Council decided to move forward, Motion carried.
there was nothing that we couldn’t regulate with this ordinance.
Lisa Bohn, Clark St, said that Marijuana should be taxed and Motion by Navarre, supported by Hoover to adjourn the regu-
regulate like alcohol and tobacco. Councilman Larner said that lar council meeting.
human trafficking is a much bigger problem than Marijuana.
Councilman Vondrasek thanked the Planning Commission for all President Sedlar adjourned the regular council meeting at
their work preparing the ordinances. 8:59p.m.

Motion by Hoover, supported by Cicalo to close the public Minutes respectfully submitted by Village Clerk Tina Powell
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