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FREE Hearing Care Clinic Helping the world hear better

Do you have
hearing loss?
Could it just be ear wax building up? Find
out for sure at our FREE hearing care clinic.
Already wear a hearing device? You can
have its performance evaluated as well.
Call for an appointment
today to receive:
• FREE hearing screening
• FREE video ear exam
• FREE 10-point hearing aid
performance check-up E-Z Financing
Two Weeks Only! Available (w.a.c.) &
February 15th-March 1st Senior Discounts!
No obligation to buy. Appointment times are limited.
We will match and exceed MPSERS-TruHearing prices . We accept most insurance & discount
programs including: Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, Health Care & Silver Programs.
We will provide, meet and exceed their pricing structure.
Flint Owosso Fenton Clio Davison
G-4080 Miller Rd. 120 W. Exchange St. 2809 W. Silver Lake Rd. 5105 W. Vienna Rd., Suite C 407 W. Flint St. Suite A
Suite 102
810-275-1473 810-471-4253 810-471-4558 810-208-2123
M/TH/F 9-5, TUE 9-7, 989-945-0251 M/TH 9-5, TUE 9-7, NEW T/F 9-5 W/F 9-5
WED 9-3, 1ST/3RD SAT 9-1 M/W/TH 9-5, 1ST SAT 9-1 WED 9-3, 1ST SAT 9-1 ADDRESS!
Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper fit. Beltone Hearing Care Centers are
independently owned and operated. Participation may vary. © 2017 Beltone
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