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Surplus Landscape Plants
From 1-3 Gallons • $6.97 - $12.97
Large Variety of Fruit Trees!
Choose from over 4,000 landscape
plants of over 90 varieties!
Hakuro Nishiki, Magnolia, Nikko Deutzia,
Cotoneaster Apicilatus, Green Thread and
Pendula Chamaecyparis, Japanese Maple,
Barberry, Purple Beauty Berry, Burning
Bush, Hydrangea, Mockorange, Ninebark,
Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Potentilla, Spirea,
Re-blooming Lilacs, Globe Arborvitae,
Viburnum, Red and Pink Flowering Weigela,
Onamental Grasses, Hostas, Peonys,
Climbing Hydrangea, and much more!!
In addition to last year, we have many new
Proven Winners varieties such as Limelight,
Pinky Winky and Incrediball Hydrangeas,
Snowbelle Philadelphus, Coppertine
Physocarpus, Monet Sunset and Dark Horse
Weigela, and many more.
We have larger trees & shrubs in ball & burlap
and up to 20-gallon containers at a very
reasonable price.

Beardslee’s Tree
Farm & Nursery
4331 Gary Rd., Chesaning
3 miles North of Layton Corners & 1/2 miles West on Gary
Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5, Closed Sun
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