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ORDINANCE #2017-06
AN ORDINANCE TO AMMEND THE VILLAGE OF CHESANING “Medical Marihuana Production and Dispensing”: The growing,
ZONING ORDINANCE ADOPTED AUGUST 18, 2009, PER- harvesting, storage, supplying, and/or dispensing of marihuana,
TAINING TO THE CLASSIFICATION OF PROPERTY also known as marihuana or cannabis by a medical marihuana
primary caregiver, for medical purposes only as allowed by state
The Village of Chesaning hereby ordains: law by a medical marihuana primary caregiver

Section 1: C. Amendments to Article 2, Section 2.02: Definitions by chang-
ing the definition to read as follows:
A. Amendments to Article 2, Section 2.02: Definitions by adding:
“Medical Marihuana Primary Caregiver”: A person who is at least
“Medical Marihuana Facilities Act of 2016”: State of Michigan en- 21 years of age and has registered as a caregiver under the
acted P.A 281-283 in 2016 that significantly expanded the types Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008 and who has agreed
of medical marihuana facilities permitted under state law and to assist with a patient’s use of medical marihuana through any
established a licensing scheme similar to the scheme for liquor of the following: growing, harvesting, storage, supplying, and/
licenses and further, enables local governments to authorize or dispensing of marihuana for medical purposes as permitted
these facilities through an application and permitting process. through the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

“Grower” or “Grower Facility”: A commercial entity that cultivates, D. Amendments to Article 4, Section 4.10: Land Use Districts
dries, trims, or cures and packages Marihuana for sale to a Table of Uses:
Processor or Provisioning Center. (Note- a primary caregiver is
currently limited to 60 plants). 1. Change existing “Medical Marihuana Production and Dispens-
a. Class A — 500 marihuana plants. ing” use and replace with the title “Medical Marihuana Primary
b. Class B — 1,000 marihuana plants. Caregiver”
c. Class C — 1,500 marihuana plants. 2. Add the following uses and district designations to the table:
*=Uses with Design Standards in R=Uses permitted by Right
“Processor” or “Processor Facility”: A commercial entity that pur- Article 13 S=Uses permitted by Special Use Permit
chases Marihuana from a Grower and that extracts resin from
the Marihuana or creates a Marihuana-infused product for sale USE A-1 R-1 R-2 R-3 R-4 B-1 B-2 M-1
and transfer in packaged form to a Provisioning Center. Medical Marihuana
Primary Caregiver S S S
“Provisioning Center”: A commercial entity that purchases Grower Facility—MMFA S S
Marihuana from a Grower or Processor and sells, supplies, or
provides Marihuana to registered qualifying patients, directly or Processor Facility--
through the patients’ registered primary caregivers. Provisioning MMFA S S S
Center includes any commercial property where Marihuana is Provisioning Facility--
sold at retail to registered qualifying patients or registered pri- MMFA S S
mary caregivers. A noncommercial location used by a primary Safety Compliance
caregiver to assist a qualifying patient connected to the caregiver Facility--MMFA S S S
through the department’s Marihuana registration process in
accordance with the MMMA is not a Provisioning Center for the Safety Transporter
purposes of this Ordinance. Facility--MMFA S S

“Safety Compliance Facility”: A commercial entity that receives Section 2:
Marihuana from a Medical Marihuana Facility or registered pri-
mary caregiver, tests it for contaminants and for tetrahydrocan- This ordinance shall take effect seven (7) days after its pub-
nabinol and other cannabinoids, returns the test results, and may lication as prescribed by law. Copies of the amendment may
return the Marihuana to the Medical Marihuana Facility. be purchased or inspected at the Village Office, 1100 W. Broad
Street, Chesaning, MI, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to
“Secure Transporter”: A commercial entity that stores Marihuana 4:30 p.m.
and transports Marihuana between Medical Marihuana Facilities
for a fee. The foregoing ordinance was duly adopted at a regular meeting
of the Village Council of Chesaning, this 20th day of June, 2017.
B. Amendments to Article 2, Section 2.02: Definitions by remov-
ing: Joseph Sedlar, Jr., Village President
Tina Powell, Village Clerk
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