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Village brush pickup will begin June 18, 2018. Brush is not to be
put out to the road more than two weeks prior to the beginning
of the pickup. Brush includes tree limbs, trimmings from trees or
bushes only. Brush does NOT include roots, stumps, leaves, dirt
piles, garbage, cardboard, scrap wood or lawn trimmings. Brush
must be neatly stacked in one direction with the cut end facing
the street or it will not be picked up. Do not dump leaf rakings
or dirt on top of pile. Please note that the Village will not pick up
brush cut by a commercial contractor.

During each brush pickup, the Village crew will go through town
once and pick up the brush that is out at that time. Brush put
out after the crew has serviced an area will not be picked up.
We recommend that all brush be out prior to the first day of the
pick up.
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