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When you preplan with Misiuk Funeral Home,
your funds are properly deposited.
When you make pre-arrangements with Misiuk Funeral Home, you can be
secure in the knowledge that all prepaid funds will be properly deposited
with a third party escrow agent or used to purchase funeral insurance.
Either way your funeral arrangements will be protected.
For more information about funeral preplanning, funeral expenses or any Misiuk Funeral Home, Inc. “Working Together”
other services please don’t hesitate to call, or stop by anytime for a tour. Chesaning’s only locally owned funeral home. Douglas E. Misiuk Bernie Schmitz
We would be happy to answer all of your questions. Serving our community for over 78 years. Funeral Director Owner, Funeral Director

Shirley A. Misiuk Cathy Schmitz
Prearrangement Specialist Funeral Director’s Assistant
202 South Front Street, Chesaning, MI 48616 | (989) 845-3096 | misiukfuneralhome.com Special Programs Coordinator
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