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Dodge road improvements start Monday - weather permitting

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

MONTROSE TWP. – On Monday, June 25, work begins on a section of Dodge Road between Seymour and Duffield roads. The total project cost is $137,020.86. By leveraging grant money and match funds, the project will cost the township just $4,674.40.

Montrose Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer explained that each year, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) issues Act 51 money to each county to make road improvements. To use the Act 51 funds, the community is required to match those funds.

When the Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) receives Act 51 it makes the funds available to local municipalities that have the matching funds available for road improvements. For several years, Montrose Township has been successful in upgrading its roads using the Act 51 money to match them dollar for dollar.

Emmendorfer explained that this year, MDOT issued additional road funds that didn’t require matching funds. Montrose Township received $128,600 of these funds. The township board used these funds into improving Dodge Road, between Seymour and Duffield roads.

Starting on Monday, June 25, weather permitting, Dodge Road will be getting a one-inch thick overlay of asphalt. Then about two or three weeks later, the same section of road will be getting a chip seal application. At some point after the chip seal application, the road will be getting a fog seal application. The fog seal application is a sticky emulsion sprayed over the chip seal to significantly extend the life of the road. But it needs at least an hour to dry after application.

“It’s a very tacky material,” he said. Emmendorfer explained that he wants to communicate with residents that when the fog seal is applied, stay off the road for at least an hour. The township probably won’t know ahead of time when the fog seal is going to be applied, so it may be difficult to alert residents.

Residents need to be aware that after the chip seal is applied, if they see signs that close the road, wait at least an hour before driving on it.

For more information about the Dodge Road repairs, contact the Montrose Township office at (810) 639-2021.

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