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Letters to the editor

Chesaning Animal Health Care staying open

To the Friends of Animal Health Care,

It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion regarding a letter previously posted in the Tri-County Citizen. Although it is true that Dr. Cindy has moved on to another vet clinic to begin another leg of her journey, Animal Health Care is still open. Even though we will miss Dr. Cindy and will have a definite adjustment period, we have Dr. Tim Weisenberger, Dr. Abbi Schleusener and Dr. Russ Ritchie on staff who are all excited to help you with all of your continuing animal health care needs. We are here for our existing clients as well as accepting new clients. Please do not hesitate to call us at (989) 845-6492 if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you, and as always, we look forward to seeing you.

The Doctors and Staff at Animal Health Care

Village council doing a disservice to Chesaning

Dear Editor,

I’m probably not as informed about this as I should be, but I feel the need to vent a little about this marijuana thing. From what I know the town council allowed this to move forward with very little public input, when questioned, their response was “where were you people when it was first talked about?” I think we, the public, didn’t have much information at that time, and the council was being pushed for a decision with dollar signs being waved in front of them, and didn’t consider what the community wanted, as well as the long term effect. Montrose and Owosso had enough foresight to realize what it meant. Where will the people in those area who want marijuana, medical, or soon to be recreational, go to get it, and where will they be getting their money? Methinks Chesaning, if you allow it.

Aren’t these construction/remodel jobs that are making our businesses money now just temporary, and will go away when the projects are completed? How many permanent jobs will be offered here?

There is talk about extra police coverage, the rumor is one more part time officer for the village. Really? That oughta do it.

We just brought our public school facilities up to date with a ton of money, and people are (were) excited about being able to attract families who want a good school system and environment to raise their kids, and maybe have some industry come here. I think the council is doing a good job of making Chesaning unappealing by allowing the marijuana business in, I also know some people who will be moving out. Will you council members who voted in favor of this stick around to raise your kids and grandkids?

Just my thoughts.

Gary Azelton

Grant recipient grateful to St. Charles Haunted House Assoc.

Dear Editor,

I am in awe by the St. Charles Haunted House Association. Not only do they provide outstanding entertainment to many, they use their profits to support a wide variety of programs in our area communities.

I was very fortunate to receive a grant from the Association to fund my loan closet project for three schools I service. This project will help support a lot of teachers and students. I am extremely grateful and very excited.

Words cannot express my gratitude for their generous donation to my project. However, I was in awe the night I received my grant and heard of all the other wonderful and amazing projects and programs the Haunted House Association supports in addition to mine.

I am taking this opportunity to thank them publicly and let the community know that the Haunted House uses their profits to support many programs in our areas.

Penny Helfrich
St. Charles

Family sad to see Dr. Cindy leaving

Dear Editor,

We are beyond sad to read of Dr. Cindy’s departure from Animal Health Care of Chesaning. For more than 15 years she has treated our animals. Whether serious or minor, every health issue was handled with kindness and professionalism. When our dogs became elderly and were too ill to go on, she came to our house so that they and ourselves wouldn’t have to endure a last painful trip to the office. Always a smile and a wave whether at the grocery store, Little League soccer which she coached or at the Saginaw Fairgrounds where she donated her time and expertise. She’s an exceptional veterinarian and an exceptional person. I hope Clio Small Animal Hospital realizes how fortunate they are to have her.

Jolle and Clay Ewing
Lola and Hilda

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