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Pullman to set up endowment fund for amphitheater

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

CHESANING – Chesaning resident Neil Pullman will be setting up an endowment fund for the purpose of improving and maintaining the amphitheater at Showboat Park.

During the Tuesday, Jan. 2 meeting of the Chesaning Village Council, Pullman talked about the future of the amphitheater.

“As most of you know, I’ve been caring for the amphitheater since 2013. I’ve been pretty diligent about it. I’m continually removing leaves, grass and [trash]. It takes a lot of time. I’d like to establish an endowment fund,” Pullman said.

He retired from farming a few years ago and is getting ready to auction off his farm equipment. Pullman wants to put the proceeds toward the amphitheater. He also heard that some businesses have expressed interest in supporting the amphitheater. Establishing an endowment would make it easier to accept those funds.

“The drainage is still a concern. But it’s less of a concern than it was,” Pullman said. He talked about the cause of the drainage issues and how he addressed them.

“I do it because I don’t want [the amphitheater] to become an eyesore. Over the years people have put a lot into the amphitheater.” He wants it to continue to be used.

Village president Joseph Sedlar, Jr. said, “Last week, I was approached by a Las Vegas promoter who is interested in [bringing entertainment to the amphitheater]. At the rate it’s deteriorating, without your help, it would be a lot worse. It is a great venue.”

Councilman Phil Larner asked about the condition of the buildings around the amphitheater.

Pullman said, “The building roofs are showing some age but they don’t leak. The sloped concrete directs water toward the east building, and the block wall has been sealed with limited success.”

He told Sedlar, “I’ve been a drainage contractor, a design engineer. I’m at your disposal.”

Sedlar responded, “Get some funding and people would be willing to help. Thanks Neil.”

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