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Montrose school board appoints Wayne Wright as interim superintendent

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

Wayne Wright Wayne Wright MONTROSE – The Montrose Community Schools Board of Education has appointed former Montrose administrator Wayne Wright to serve as interim superintendent.

Dr. Edward Graham announced his retirement as superintendent of Montrose Community Schools during the Tuesday, Nov. 28 school board meeting. He informed the board that his retirement would become effective Jan. 1, 2018.

During the Tuesday, Dec. 12 committee of the whole meeting, Graham introduced Wright as the individual he recommended to serve as interim superintendent.

“I can’t think of a better fit for Montrose. If you were to interview the two of us, you’d pick him. He’s top drawer. I can’t think of anyone better for the job. He knows what he’s getting into. However, being he’s retired, there’s some limitations on what he can make,” Graham said.

“I’ve known Wayne for a while. If he takes this job, you’ll get your money’s worth,” Graham said.

Wright addressed the school board, talking about his career. He began his teaching career in Montrose in 1974, before Kuehn-Haven Middle School was built. He taught middle school math and science until 1991.

In 1993, he served as high school assistant principal and athletic director and later principal.

In 2002, Wright became assistant superintendent in Montrose.

Wright served the Montrose school district for a total of 29 years, and then went on to serve 14 more years as a superintendent – seven years in Birch Run and seven years in Lake Fenton.

Dr. Graham explained that when he knew he was leaving, he looked for someone who could easily step into the role of Montrose superintendent in the middle of the year. Wright was at the top of the list.

Earlier this year Wright retired from Lake Fenton, and was recruited as a consultant for Neola, the organization that makes policy recommendations to school districts. Through Neola, he will be serving 28 school districts, where he meets with school boards about new policies. This work will be done evenings, so it would not conflict with his responsibilities as interim superintendent for Montrose.

Wright talked with Neola about working with Montrose. Since he will be serving as interim superintendent, he will not be able to work with Montrose policies.

During the Dec. 12 board meeting, Wright talked about his career in Montrose schools as well as his experience as a superintendent, including the topic of calling snow days.

Responding to Graham’s recommendation to have Wright serve as interim superintendent, Montrose board secretary Ron Loafman said, “I’m speechless, I’m so happy.”

Montrose board president Alan Alguire said, “We were looking for someone who knew the district and would be able to pick up in the middle of the year.”

Wright said, “Every school district does things differently. We just have to put together a contract and go from there.” He then directed his attention to board treasurer Coetta Adams saying, “I remember you as an eighth grader.”

The Montrose school board agreed to contract with Wright to help them through the transition.

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