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St. Charles sewer cleaning/televising progressing

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

ST. CHARLES – During the Wednesday, Nov. 8 meeting of the St. Charles Village Council, John Olson, P.E. of Spicer Group provided an update on the sewer cleaning and televising.

Olson said, “To date, 25,000 feet of sanitary sewer has been cleaned and televised. The majority of it is in pretty good shape. We have, however, found a few areas that need some repair.”

Village President Marie Roe said, “I’ve been reading about the lining. It’s really good stuff.”

Olson agreed saying, “You can do manhole to manhole [without digging up pipe].” He explained the fiberglass material is installed by inverting it into the pipe. Then hot water runs through the pipe. “Within a few hours, you have a brand-new pipe,” he said.

Olson went on to talk about a few problem spots in St. Charles. At the corner of Pine and Cherry streets, the bottom of the pipe was completely gone. They had to use a pipe patch. It has been fixed. Olson said.

On M-52 at Sunview Drive, a 10-foot section of clay sanitary sewer pipe was cracked and had to be fixed immediately. He explained they were able to go manhole to manhole with the liner to repair it. He believes frost heaves were responsible for the large crack. It’s also been fixed.

Olson explained there’s a section of sewer along M-52, across from the bowling alley, that has a lot of mineral deposits, plus, they discovered the pipe is offset and needs to be repaired.

Village Manager Matthew Lane told the council they hired Eric Construction to make an emergency repair on M-52 at Bell Road. Olson explained that pipe was failing. Lane said the DPW couldn’t have done the job fast enough with the equipment they have, whereas Eric Construction had the right equipment and performed the repair at a very reasonable cost.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Stormwater Asset Management and Wastewater (S.A.W.) grant program will cover the cost of cleaning and televising the sewer system; although the grant isn’t enough to cover the entire system. St. Charles will receive a computerized model of the sewer system that has been televised.

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