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Chesaning parks and rec committee dissolves amicably

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

CHESANING - The Chesaning Parks and Recreation Committee decided to dissolve opting to team up with a local nonprofit service organization.

In recent years, the parks and recreation committee evolved into more of an event-focused organization.

During the Nov. 7 meeting of the Chesaning Village Council, councilman Keith Wenzel read Parks and Recreation Chairman Zach Chludil’s letter to the board saying, “Parks and rec is dissolving or evolving. The events are going to continue.” He explained the group has three good events; the Kids Sucker Fishing Tournament, the 5K River Run and Halloween Camping Weekend.

Village administrator Troy Feltman said, “We’re not set up to do the event stuff. The accounting is not set up. This is a natural evolution. I look at it as a very positive thing.”

He explained the $5,000 in seed money the committee received would have to go back to the village, since the village cannot donate taxpayer dollars to a private organization.

Cicalo argued, “If we take their seed money, then that cuts half their budget.”

Feltman reiterated that taxpayer money cannot fund a private organization.

Village president Joseph Sedlar, Jr. said the village council’s parks committee could be focused on issues like pushing the rail trail to go through.

Feltman said, “I was thinking of creating a committee focused on community connectivity. The fiveyear recreation plan needs to be more than a wish list for grants. I think we need to be more innovative. I think the millennials should have more input.”

As for the dissolving of parks and recreation, Feltman said, “This was amicable. I don’t want you to think that there was some rift.”

Chesaning Township trustee Kevin Carlton, who also served on the Parks and Recreation Committee, asked, “The township money, where does that go?”

Cicalo responded, “It stays with us.”

Councilman Trent Vondrasek said, “Parks maintenance.”

Feltman said, “That’s their opinion.” He suggested sitting down with township officials to discuss it.

The Chesaning Village Council officially accepted the dissolving of the parks and recreation committee.

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