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Chalk Talk

A Year of Growth
By Mike Decker
St. Charles Comm. Schools

As we move into the 2017-18 school year, we have designated this year as “The Year of Growth.” Over the past couple of years, we have put into place multiple assessment tools including NWEA, Study Island, Kahn Academy, Engage New York and the FIM program. These assessment tools are designed to assist us in identifying achievement gap areas to address. Our new MTSS Director, Beth Harger, has been working tirelessly at implementation of these programs and developing a measurement system that brings data forth for making significant changes.

Our goal is to bring forth growth on all fronts:

• Academic;

• Social;

• Extracurricular;

• Personal.

The Leader in Me program at St. Charles Elementary is designed to develop positive decision-making skills, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and cultivate a positive self-image. This program is for all students at the elementary but it has progressed to the middle level and on to the high school. Students taking responsibility for their academic growth is crucial to sustaining life-long learning and being college and career ready.

We are fortunate to have an additional program funded for the entire Great Lakes Bay Area schools that addresses diversity and acceptance. This program was held on Sept. 18 at the Midland Center for the Arts. The program was titled “Engage for Impact,” featuring keynote speaker Dr. Tererai Trent, a visionary voice for quality education and empowerment, and Craig Kielburger, humanitarian, activist and founder of the global WE movement. This program was funded by the Dow Chemical Company to provide leadership in diversity education. St. Charles Community Schools participated with 18 students attending the program; these students will bring back the message and share with others throughout the district.

The technology 1:1 initiative is in full swing for students. We are excited to have this technology, and new academic delivery strategies that come with it. Our students are very excited to begin working with their Chromebooks on a daily basis and the increased academic expectations that come with it. The entire St. Charles community should feel proud of the technology and new facilities upgrades. Thank you for your investment in our youth, they are our greatest natural resource.

On Oct. 13, we will host our Homecoming football game. With this event, we will have many visitors for the weekend with reunions, coming home activities, and the parade. An additional event this year will be a dedication of a significant donation to St. Charles. Immediately following the Homecoming parade, we will dedicate this donation in front of the Community Center. Please join us for this event following the Homecoming parade.

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