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McDonalds owner offers to pay extra for sewer extension

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

CHESANING TWP. – During the Sept. 7 meeting, the Chesaning Township Board received a request for a sewer extension of 1.4 miles, connecting the village sewer to the McDonald’s restaurant at the corner of M-57 and M-52.

McDonald’s owner Tony D’Anna approached the board saying, “I really have a need for a sewer for the restaurant.”

He explained he is the third owner of the Chesaning restaurant. Maintaining the septic field is very costly. “I wondered what it would cost [to extend the village sewer],” he said. OHM gave him an estimate of $344,000.

D’Anna acknowledged when extending sewer, there’s always issues about people having assessments. He explained sewer makes way for further development in the community. D’Anna talked about how Frankenmuth has expanded since sewer and water was extended.

“A lot of things have changed. I’m not telling you it happened overnight,” he said.

D’Anna told the board, “What I want to say is, if there’s anything right about it, I would kick in a larger share of money. I talked with Joe LaClair. He showed some interest. We’re about 1.4 miles from where the sewer ends. I would kick in $80,000. We spend so much on these septic fields.”

He also talked about his restaurant in Birch Run, describing the challenges he faced getting the sewer extended there.

“I’m willing to kick in something extra. I’m sure a lot of the homes along M-57 don’t want to hook in unless your septic field fails,” he said.

Township board trustee Kevin Carlton asked, “Are you talking sewer, or water and sewer?”

D’Anna said he was just looking at sewer.

Trustee Ken Hornak said, “Businesses coming into town like to have sewer.”

D’Anna said, “For me, I’d really like to see this happen. When you look at $344,000, it’s a lot of money. But if you take $80,000 off, it brings the cost down.”

Carlton’s property would be included in the proposed project. Carlton said he has 100 feet of frontage. When the sewer extension was proposed last time, he had just finished putting in a new septic field. At that time, it didn’t make sense to him. But that was about 30 years ago.

Chesaning Village clerk Tina Powell told the township board, “Troy [Feltman] said he’d like to see people have the option of waiting to hook up until their septic fails. They were also intent on running water now, rather than later.

Trustee Bill Hedrich asked, “If you do it that way, how would you pay for it?”

Trustee Pete Hemgesberg responded, “Special assessment. It probably costs more now to put in a septic field. It would be cheaper to hook up to sewer.”

Township supervisor Bob Corrin said, “We’ll be working on several possibilities. There might be some grant money available. We could possibly work with Saginaw Future. Now that we have a solid proposal, we can start looking at it.”

Hornak commented, “It appears that development is going west. I think it will keep going west. That’s a plus as far as encouraging development.”

Corrin said, “So now that we’ve had the presentation, we’ll move forward.”

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