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Veterinarian offers solution to village chickens in St. Charles

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

VILLAGE OF ST. CHARLES – Dr. Joseph Kline, DVM, addressed the St. Charles Village Council about the issue of raising chickens within the village during the Aug. 9 meeting.

Dr. Kline suggested the village’s waterfowl pen be turned into a community poultry pen.

He sees it as an opportunity to allow residents the opportunity to have chickens (no roosters) without bothering the neighbors. “It would create a showpiece for St. Charles. I can help you with specific details,” he said.

Trustee Thomas White said there have been reports of fox and coyotes in the area.

Dr. Kline said the village would not be held liable; adding that racoons would be more of a challenge. Plus, the fence has been cut and would need repair.

“The main concern I have is that people would clean, feed, supply water and care for these animals. It’s under observation, it’s controlled. It’s just waiting to be used. The amount of water people would have to carry for their own birds isn’t much,” Dr. Kline said.

Trustee Jim McPhail asked if anyone else is using the waterfowl space.

Dr. Kline said it was shut down because the village was in violation of waterfowl acts. But these are domestic animals.

Dr. Kline will follow up with village officials about exploring this concept and its feasibility.

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