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Veteran surprised he’s no longer considered human

Dear TCC News,

I woke up to the news this morning that I’m not human. Apparently, Mr. Eric Trump, son of the President of the United States of America has decided that because I’m a Democrat I’m not human. Let me see…the judge at the Family Services court thought I was human when she approved the adoption of our son, two months ago the funeral director and the minister thought I was human when I buried my mother, I certainly felt human when Uncle Sam made me pull my son out of three different elementary schools, two different middle schools and two different high schools. I felt human every time I received a letter or phone call from my wife while she was stationed in Korea and I in North Dakota.

I joined the Air Force a long time ago. For the first third of my career I fought the Cold War. The young Mr. Trump wasn’t born then but our enemy was the Russians. Remember Russia? That’s the place that Mr. Trump bragged gave his father access to $100 Million to construct golf courses, paid for the SoHo project and the Dubai Tower. They’re the ones that meddled in our recent election. The Russians were my enemy then, they are now. They manned aircraft in Korea and shot down American pilots during the Korean War. They took pilots from the prisons of Hanoi back to Russia and those men were never seen again. They provided arms to terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq and we lost good people…yes humans, people, because of…the Russians. They threaten the liberty of all of Europe and want to see the fall of the United States. Remember all that? They are our mortal enemy.

I’m an average guy. I live in a small farming town. I lease my farm, hunt, fish, target practice, worry about jobs, hate the pot holes, pay my taxes and bills just like my neighbors. And I won’t betray my country. It’s on Mr. Trump, I think you’re a traitor and I’m going to fight you as hard as I can for the rest of my days. I’m just as much a human and a citizen of this great county as anyone else.

Henry J. Gaudreau, Col., USAF (Ret.)
Chesaning, MI

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