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Pledge of Allegiance should have been part of graduation

Dear Editor,

I recently attended my grandson’s graduation at Montrose High School. The school did a very nice thing in giving a 92-year-old man his diploma. This man left school as a junior to fight in World War II. This man fought to defend our country, our freedom and our flag. Five military men carrying our flags marched into the ceremony.

However, the Montrose School District did not deem it necessary to say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem. Nothing… to show respect for our country.

Folks, we won the war! The very thing this man fought for was totally ignored. Don’t our children say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore? If not – why not? I realize prayer left our schools many ago but pride in our country and the Pledge are not banned from our schools. If our children are not taught to respect our flag and our country in our schools where will they learn it? Hopefully in our homes but that is not enough. If our public schools cannot take five minutes out of the beginning of each school day to say the Pledge then maybe they don’t need our public tax dollars.

The freedoms we have in this country were not and are not free. It’s time for our public institutions show respect to our country and our flag and it starts with our young people. And it’s time for people to speak out when these things are missing form our schools.

Linda J. Dow

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