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Letters to the editor

Writer says prejudice is learned behavior

Dear Editor,

Prejudice: there are many types. The type of prejudice I am addressing today is prejudice based on one’s social or economic status. I have lived my entire 55 years in Chesaning. I have spent 35 plus years employed in occupations dealing with the public. I have seen people from every walk of life. Prejudice can be learned by the beliefs and actions of others. A child forms his or her beliefs from their surroundings and the beliefs of their parents. We as parents must instill in our children not to judge or form an opinion based on one’s social or economic beliefs. We as people are all the same. I have always told my children to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Who are the Jones and why must we try to keep up with them? Do not judge others until you have walked in their shoes. We all are one lay-off or major medical condition away from having a major change in our economic status.

Chris Mayhew

Hunter safety class was successfully completed

Dear Editor,

On April 29 a hunter safety class was completed with 39 students receiving their certificates

Twenty-one of the students had a 100 percent on their exam with Gunnar Rousseau selected as the top student.

The overall average test score was 96.31 percent for the 39 tests.

Lead instructor
Lavern Spolarich

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