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STC Village negotiates compromise to clear drain

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

ST. CHARLES – During the May 10 meeting, the St. Charles Village Council approved a compromise with a property owner in lieu of filing a lawsuit against him.

During the previous council meeting, Dennis Guzy expressed frustration over drainage difficulties along Ithaca Road. DPW superintendent Patrick Mishler explained there was a misaligned pipe on Guzy’s property. As a result, the drain was clogged, creating standing water for many of the neighbors in the area.

Mishler explained the misaligned pipe leading back to the property is the owner’s responsibility. The repair would be simple enough, but Mishler was concerned about setting a precedent for the village.

During the April meeting, the council recognized that standing water was causing a public safety hazard. City manager Matthew Lane had said the village has to resolve public safety issues. He indicated they might have to sue the property owner to get it fixed.

Village president Marie Roe offered to check out the situation in person. She negotiated a deal with Guzy where he would pay for the materials for the culvert pipe replacement, the village would do the work at no cost. The agreement would avoid a costly lawsuit.

At the May meeting, the council approved of the consent agreement to repair Guzy’s culvert.

Councilman Jim McPhail said, “It’s cheaper than wasting time on a lawsuit.”

Lane said, “It’s a public safety issue.

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