2015-12-27 / News Briefs

NEWS Briefs

FOOTBALL FRENZY WEEK 15 WINNERS – The winners of the Chesaning Chamber of Commerce’s Football Frenzy for week 15 are: first place, Stephanie Judd, of Chesaning, 111 pts., $100; second place-tie, Cathy Teed, of Burton, Deb Henige, of Chesaning, and Lynda Enders, of Linden, 109 pts., $60 each; fifth place, Bud Leigh, Holmes Beach, Fla., 108 pts., $40; sixth place-tie, Michael Dork, of Saginaw, Jack Wicke, of St. Charles, and Kelsey Robinette, of Chesaning, 107 pts., $10 each; first place low, Nakisha Johnson, of Flint, 37 pts., $30; second place low-tie, Jessie Woods, of Owosso, and Jennifer Walter, of Flint, 40 pts., $10 each.

CORRECTION – In last week’s article about the new supervisor in St. Charles Township (page 2), new supervisor Tom (Tommy) Sargent’s name was used and spelled incorrectly. Also as a clarification, Sargent’s 24 years of service at the township have included trustee (for six years) as well as a member of the planning commission and most recently chairman of the township’s planning commission board. We apologize for the error.

CUTLINE CORRECTION – In last week’s photos of St. Charles students participating in the Make and Move event at the elementary school (page 19) the photo captions were incorrect. William Foss and Addison Armstrong were pictured practicing Playdoh skills. Dominic Leadford and Kellan Schultz were pictured with the Legos. The photos were switched and the students misidentified. Our sincerest apologies for this mix up.

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