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NEWS Briefs

TTA OFFERS CPR CLASS – An American Heart CPR class will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 10 a.m. at Twin Township Ambulance, in New Lothrop. Students will learn adult, infant and child CPR. Upon successful completion of the class students will be issued a CPR for the Healthcare Provider card. The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association, and any fees charged expect for materials for such a course do no represent income to the Association. Registration is required for the class and students can pick up the book one week prior to class. The cost of the class is $35. For more information, call (810) 638- 5034.

LABOR DAY DELAYS TRASH PICK-UP – The upcoming Labor Day holiday will impact solid waste collection services provided to all Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA) member communities. With the holiday falling on Monday, Sept. 7, collection services will be delayed one day. Affected communities include Brant Township, Marion Township, Swan Creek Township, Chapin Township, Chesaning Township and Village, St. Charles Township and Village, Albee Township, Brady Township, and Maple Grove Township.

KC RAFFLE WINNERS – The winners of the Chesaning Knights of Columbus 50/50 raffle for September are Dan Krupp Jr., of Chesaning; Mike Ebenhoeh, of Chesaning; Clare Beckman, of Burt; and Robert Kulhanek, of St. Charles.

VETERANS TOWN HALL – There will be a veterans town hall meeting on Monday, Sept. 14 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the American Legion Post #212, 15053 McKeighan Road, Chesaning, hosted by State Rep. Tim Kelly of the 94th District, State Rep. Ben Glardon of the 85th District, State Sen. Ken Horn of the 32nd District, and Jason Allen, senior deputy director for veterans affairs, Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. They will be presenting and taking questions.

CORRECTION – In the Chesaning varsity football team photo in the Aug. 16 edition of the Tri-County Citizen, Trevor Patterson was inadvertently misidentified. He is in the front row on the end on the right-hand side. We apologize for the error.

SLIGHT CHANGE IN ADMIN ROLES AT STC - During the last board of education meeting for St. Charles Community Schools on Wednesday, Aug. 26, superintendent Mike Decker and new principal Robert Paris discussed with the board some changes in administration for the start of the school year. It was noted that, beginning with the new 2015-16 school year, Decker will continue as superintendent and will now also oversee Heather Selich in her role at the middle school as dean of students. New principal Robert Paris will serve as the district’s director of special education and high school principal, and Sue Bruno will continue in her position as elementary principal. Decker stated to the Citizen the slight changes in these administration roles were/will be discussed with parents during the district’s open house dates. Remaining orientation open house dates (as of press time) will be Thursday, Sept. 10 from 5 to 6 p.m. for middle and high school students.

CORRECTION – In the Aug. 30 issue, the Tri- County Citizen reported that former Montrose City Manager Carl Johnson had left the city for another position in Gladwin. That is not correct, it was a misunderstanding. Johnson’s new position is chief financial officer for Oak Park.

DIAGONALLY – During the Sept. 1 meeting of the Chesaning Village Council, DPW Superintendent Joe Trzil asked if anyone had noticed the new diagonal parking in front of the PinTown bowling alley. Trzil said he may have to adjust the width somewhat; they’re kind of tight. This should provide a few more parking spaces, he explained.

COST EFFECTIVE – The Village of Chesaning accepted Chippewa Asphalt’s low bid of $21,000 for asphalt work; basically putting a cap of asphalt over existing problem areas. Since the rate was so reasonable, Village Administrator Troy Feltman expressed an interest in going to Chippewa to see if they would look at Saginaw St., Pine St. and Chapman St. to see what they could do. DPW Superintendent Joe Trzil said some of the bad spots will require four inches of asphalt. But most would get two inches. Feltman said he wants to get the asphalt work done as quickly as possible because some areas would effect school bus routes.

STRATEGIC PLAN – During the Sept. 1 meeting of the Chesaning Village Council, Administrator Troy Feltman informed the council of his interest in strategic planning for the community. He talked about the value of strategic planning and having a vision for the community. “I firmly believe the budget is a one year step to a larger goal,” he said. Feltman talked about communicating with residents through the utility bills. Councilman Trent Vondrasek agreed and commented that “on the average, people have to be told something seven times before it sinks in.”

FINAL PAYMENT – The Chesaning Village Council approved to finish the contract with C2AE for final payment on street improvements on Pine and Gasper Streets. The previous concerns were addressed.

MID MICHIGAN WASTE – Both the Chesaning Village Council and the Chesaning Township Board discussed the new contract proposed for solid waste collection. Chesaning Township Clerk Fran Kukulis said the costs were higher than she had originally reported. Presently the solid waste collection contract and the landfill capacity contract expire at different times, giving Waste Management the upper hand in negotiations. Both the township board and village council are waiting to see how things shake out at the next meeting of the Mid Michigan Waste Authority. The village has expressed interest in getting out of the authority.

LABOR DAY DEADLINE – All summer, the Chesaning Township Board has been setting aside artificial flowers placed at Wildwood Cemetery so that the owners can claim them. Artificial flowers are not permitted at the cemetery since they tend to get tangled in the maintenance equipment; which increases the cost of maintaining the cemetery. During the Sept. 3 meeting of the the Chesaning Township Board, it was agreed that Labor Day would be the last day they will save the artificial flowers placed on graves. Now they will be placed in the trash. The board continues to store undamaged pots and other statuary to return to the owners upon request. This is also a means of keeping cemetery maintenance costs down.

GARY ROAD – The Chesaning Township Board discussed the need to replace a culvert tube on Gary Road. Chesaning Township Supervisor Bob Corrin stated that the tube has to be replaced. The total project cost is estimated at $5,600 for an 18” tube. The cost would be shared with St. Charles Township. Corrin was not happy that the county wouldn’t allow them to use a number two (not first quality tube). The new tube will cost $25 a foot, whereas he estimated that a number two tube could be purchased for about $25. The project estimate also included $2,500 to replace the asphalt. Corrin said “We’re not going to pay $2,500 to put asphalt there.” Township Trustee Pete Hemgesberg will talk with St. Charles Township about the project, since they will be sharing the cost.

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