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NEWS Briefs

RIVERBOAT PLAYLAND BRICKS ON SALE – The Riverboat Playland Committee is selling engraved bricks for the walkway to the playscape at Cole Park and in the memory garden. The cost of a brick is $25. The forms to purchase a brick can be picked up at the Chesaning Chamber of Commerce building on N. Front Street during office hours.

SCHOOL VISION AND HEARING TESTING – A free vision and hearing clinic will be held at the Rehmann Health Center on Tuesday, Aug. 27. Testing is mandatory for any child starting kindergarten or the Head Start program this fall. Technicians from the Saginaw County Department of Public Health will be conducting the clinic. Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling (989) 845-3911.

CHESANING CHAMBER RAFFLE WINNER – The winner of the Chesaning Chamber of Commerce biweekly raffle for Wednesday, Aug. 14 was Kevin Dankert, of Durand. Guest drawer was Mark Russell of Mark Russell Insurance Agency.

MONTROSE SCHOOLS LOOKING TO SELL BUS – Montrose Community Schools are accepting bids for the sale of a 1994 International school bus with a Thomas body, Harvester motor, AT 545 Allison automatic transmission and air brakes. The minimum bid for the 71 passenger bus is $2,500. The bus can be seen and inspected by appointment only at 300 Nanita Dr., Montrose. Call (810) 591-8854 or (810) 591-8818 to set up an appointment. Bids will be accepted until Aug. 23 at noon. Bid opening will be Friday, Aug. 23, at noon at the Administration Office, 301 Nanita Dr., Montrose. Sealed bids can be dropped off or mailed to School Bus Bid, attn. Angie Florian, 301 Nanita Dr., P.O. Box 3129, Montrose, MI 48457.

CMS ORIENTATION AUG. 21 – Chesaning Middle School will hold an orientation for all fifth grade and new students on Wednesday, Aug. 21 from 1–4 p.m. Students and parents may come to CMS anytime between 1 and 4 p.m. Class schedules and locker assignments will be available in the main office. Staff members and student aids will be giving tours of the building and helping students with lockers. For questions, call (989) 845-7040.

CMS OPEN HOUSE AUG. 27 – Chesaning Middle School will hold an open house for all students on Tuesday, Aug. 27 from 4–6 p.m. Class schedules and locker assignments will be distributed in the main office. Staff members will be available to help students with their lockers, give tours of the building and answer questions. There will also be a representative from Nutritional Services available for lunch deposits and the CMS Spirit Store will be open. For questions, call (989) 845-7040.

PARKING TEAM – During the Aug. 12 meeting of the Chesaning Union Schools Board of Education, Chesaning Township Supervisor Bob Corrin commended the Chesaning varsity football team for their effort working the parking lot at the Saginaw County Fair. Corrin commented that the young men demonstrated good leadership; as well as projecting a positive image by wearing their jerseys.

FASHION STATEMENT – Among the recent revisions to the Chesaning Union Schools student handbook concerns leggings. Chesaning High School Principal Stephan Clark explained that the some leggings, particularly those which are ultra tight fitting are supposed to be worn as an undergarment, not as pants. “We have to present ourselves as professional students,” Clark said. School Board Vice President Julie Keck also noticed that athletes are expected to dress up; making a good impression when they visit other schools.

VILLAGE TAXES -– The Sept. 16, 2013 deadline for summer taxes is fast approaching. According to Chesaning Village Deputy Treasurer Darlene Valentine, those who want to pay summer taxes in person can do so at the Chesaning Village Office, 1100 W. Broad St., before noon on the next several

Fridays; with the exception of Friday, Aug. 30 (Labor Day weekend). The final day to pay 2013 summer village taxes without a penalty is Monday, Sept. 16, before 4 p.m. (Closed noon - 1 p.m.)

MONTROSE SCHOOL BUDGET – Montrose Community Schools Finance Director Lynne Clark addressed the school board’s Finance and Facilities Committee during a meeting on Aug. 13. Clark reported a significant reduction in the amount of money they will have to use from the district’s fund balance to balance out the budget for the 2012-2013 school year. Clark reported that instead of the $131,000 deficit, she expected the deficit would be approximately $50,000. She explained that the savings were mainly due to some “expenses that didn’t occur,” totaling approximately $48,000. Among the reduced expenses was $14,000 for homebound student teaching, $6,000 in salaries for substitute teachers that were not needed, $11,000 in legal savings, and $7,000 saved on a bus driver salary. School Board President Morrie Fikes commented, “We gave teachers an incentive not to get sick.” Clark reported that the budget was off by less than one-half percent.

NEGOTIATIONS – Montrose Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Edward Graham reported Aug. 13 that negotiations with the local MEA resulted in an agreement whereby MEA members would be able to teach alternative ed at the Montrose Choice School. Dr. Graham said they are agreeable to allowing teachers to teach alternative ed. Although Choice School teachers who are not MEA members, would not be teaching in the other schools within the district. “It helps with staffing,” Dr. Graham stated.

HEADSTART TO MONTROSE – Five school buses that are no longer needed by the Genesee County Headstart program have been made available to Montrose Community Schools at no cost. According to Superintendent Dr. Edward Graham, it’s a free lease. There are three older buses (approximately 1995); two of which are 24 passenger buses, which use less fuel. “If nothing else, we have semi-reliable backup buses.” Transportation Director Angela Florian is evaluating these buses.

ROUND TRIP TRANSPORTATION – Earlier this year the Montrose Community Schools Board of Education explored the idea of providing one-way transportation to away games for athletic events. On Aug. 13, Superintendent Dr. Edward Graham told board members, “It’s one of those things that looks good on paper.” He explained that all it takes is for one seventh grader to be left behind to create a bad situation. “As you know, we’re increasing registration fees,” he said. The proposed registration increase would cover the cost. Graham recommended reinstating two-way transportation. “The layers of things that could go wrong. It’s pretty easy to envision the ways we could end up in a lawsuit,” Graham reasoned. It was noted that some coaches have already requested non-bus transportation.

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