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Deer hunting discussion resurfaces at Chesaning village meeting


CHESANING – Chesaning Township resident Raymond McCall approached the Chesaning Village Council during their Feb. 5 meeting to discuss the village’s proposed plans for allowing limited hunting to thin deer herds at Howard Nixon Airport.

McCall said, “I’ve hunted on that property for 25 years. [The deer] eat my crops! I do my best to clear the deer out back there. I’m not a trophy hunter; I eat what crosses my path,” he added.

According to McCall, he had been running those woods since he was a child; and has been hunting there for years. He recalled coming to the village council when they posted “No hunting” signs a few years ago.

He explained that he realizes that no one is hunting on the north side of the area where the parcels meet.“That’s where they’re congregating,” he informed them.

McCall said, “I’m hoping you guys leave it alone and let the locals that have access handle it.”

Village President Joe Sedlar, Jr. responded to McCall saying, “We’ll never get rid of all of them; and that’s not our intent.” Sedlar explained the safety issue of deer on the runway when aircraft take off or land.

McCall said, “From a neighbor’s perspective, I understand your problem. I do the best I can. I know the crop damage they do, [trampling crops]. If anybody should be shooting them, it should be me.”

“That woods could hold a couple more hunters,” Sedlar said; adding that they also have a problem with deer along the railroad tracks near the airport.

Sedlar also stated, “We have no intention of opening it up to firearms.” He talked about allowing bow hunting only; since hunting/discharging a firearm is not allowed within the village limits.

“I appreciate your efforts, but I think we need to be more aggressive [at reducing the deer population],” Sedlar told McCall.

The village has not yet decided how the permits would be awarded, but Sedlar said he expects that it will be on a drawing basis. He also expects that they will have the system in place before the fall hunting season begins.

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