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Giving Back to Our Community….
By Mike Wallace,
Superintendent St. Charles Schools

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this article for our community and taxpayers to read. I have good news for everyone and want to share it with you through my article this month. I hope it shows our community and taxpayers that our school board has their best interests in mind and is working to give back what they so generously gave to us when they passed our 2004 bond proposal.

Over the course of the next month I will be working with several companies and our bond counsel and attorneys to sell and refinance our 2004 bonds that were passed by our voters. Our school board passed a resolution at our meeting two weeks ago giving me the opportunity to work on this endeavor. What this means is that if our initial estimates come to fruition, we will reduce our bond indebtedness by approximately $800,000 thereby significantly reducing our overall costs for our bond proposal thereby saving our taxpayers $800,000 in taxes over the remainder of our bond issuance. I am sure that those community members who worked so hard to get our school bond passed will be very happy to see that we are now giving back to them through the savings all taxpayers will see beginning with their 2013 winter tax bills.

Over the next month we have an ambitious schedule of meetings, conference calls and discussions schedule to facilitate the process of our bond resale. If all goes as scheduled, we will complete the process by the end of October, and have everything in line prior to 2013 so that when tax bills come out next winter, the school bond tax portion of your bill should drop by almost 10 percent from your prior year bill. I want to emphasize that the 10% decrease will be in the school bond portion of your tax bills and not your overall tax bill. However with times being what they are I am sure our taxpayers will be pleased to see any of their taxes cut and I am happy to be able share this great news with you. If anyone has any questions regarding our bond refinancing please feel free to contact our office and I will be glad to answer them.

I also just want to mention that last week we held our Homecoming Week festivities and it was a fun filled week for our students and alumni. There were week long homecoming contests held among our student body. There was the annual homecoming parade that somehow avoided the rain clouds keeping everyone dry and smiling. Several classes of alumni held reunions and gathered in our community and at our game Friday night. And speaking of the game, it ended with our Bulldogs winning a closely fought battle over Michigan Lutheran Seminary 9-7 with the winning field goal being kicked as the first half ended. It was a fitting conclusion to a great week for our community to enjoy and celebrate together.

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