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Montrose Schools forced to lay-off 32 staff as state funding cuts deepen


MONTROSE – During the April 26 meeting of the Montrose Community Schools Board of Education, board members were somber as they voted to approve the list of staff members who would be issued lay-off notices.

The school board had been holding weekly meetings in an effort to cut another $2 million from the school district budget for 2011-2012. According to Superintendent Mark Kleinhans, “Even with the lay-offs, we’re still $750,000 short.”

Kleinhans criticized the state government’s plan to take money from the school aid fund away from K-12 education and give it to post secondary education.

“If the state aid fund were untouched, it would have given each school district an additional $200 per student,” Kleinhans stated during the meeting.

Before the lay-offs were announced, Kleinhans commented, “What makes this most difficult is last year we cut $3 million from the budget.”

“This is probably the third year we’ve had to do this,” he said grimly, “We don’t have a choice.”

The list was read.

Teachers on lay-off from Carter Elementary School will be: Amy Dowd, Michelle Henige, Theresa Paxton, Jennifer Polega, Angela Reilly, Robin Smith and Tina Trantham.

One teacher from Kuehn-Haven Middle School was listed: Amanda Kebbe.

One teacher from Hill-McCloy High School was listed: Edward Trisch.

Two teachers were placed on a reduced schedule. They are choir instructor Carolyn Brown, and band teacher Kelly Splear.

Two long-term substitute teachers were also placed on lay-off. They are Jason Lewis and Caryl Walling.

Fourteen para pros were also on the layoff list. They are: Andrea Beckham, Nicole Betz, Melissa Crawford, D’Artagnan Destrampe, Barbara Diem, Amy Groulx, Joe Mulvany, Laurie Neeley, Chester Ptasnik, Ashley Sims, Terri Soper, Rochelle Stall, Lisa Wanink, and Judy Wolfgang.

Secretaries Shelly Johnson of the Montrose Choice School and Kelly Reinhardt of Carter Elementary were on the list of lay-offs; as well as Darci Martin from the Montrose Schools Central Office.

Custodians Sue Seeley and Rebecca Bruce will also be placed on lay-off.

After the list was read, Kleinhans stated, “As I indicated, we value all our employees. This is really difficult.”

According to Kleinhans, the support staff lay-offs will take effect on Jun 30. Teacher layoffs are in effect for the 2011-2012 school year.

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