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Chesaning Township budget overview


CHESANING TWP – The Chesaning Township Board of Trustees held a public hearing March 3 to review the municipality’s 2011-2012 budget. While few comments were made by the audience, Township Supervisor Bob Corrin talked about the highlights of the budget.

He began addressing the audience, “We lost our statutory funding a few years ago.” He explained that as a result, Chesaning Township is suffering less than other communities, which are losing their statutory funds this year.

“We’ve been trying to fix a road using three years of funding,” he continued. “We’re trying to save enough money to fix Ferden Road.” He added that people shouldn’t expect any gravel or seal coat- ing.

The township’s one mill for operations has been rolled back to .9282 of one mill, as a result of the Headlee amendment.

“Permits and fees are way down,” he added.

“Salaries have been the same for about nine or 10 years,” Corrin stated. Salaries were listed as: Supervisor - $9,000; Clerk - $17,544; Treasurer - $17,000; and Trustees - $8,640 ($2,160 per trustee).

The Township Parks committee is going to try to do some work on the entrance to the Parshallburg canoe launch, Corrin added.

Corrin reported that 570 Chesaning Township residents utilized services at the Rehmann Health Center during the past year. The township would again increase its contribution to the local health center, over and above its obligations of $2.25 per person ($1,282.50) for a total of $4,500. Corrin emphasized the importance of supporting the Rehmann Health Center and providing this service for the community. The total number of individuals served at the Rehmann Health Center in 2010 was 2,957.

The cost of refuse and recycling service continues to hold at $111 per property; a price that has held for 5 or 6 years. Although, Emmendorfer emphasized the importance of recycling to keep trash removal costs low. She indicated that it is possible for the cost of trash removal to be reduced, if people recycle more.

The Parks and Recreation Department will again receive $7,000 for operations.

The special assessment for fire protection continues to support the Chesaning - Brady Fire Department for fire service operations.

“These elections, they’re killing us,” Corrin commented.

“We may have to eat some of the election costs this year,” Township Clerk Sue Emmendorfer mentioned. “We’re fortunate this year. We’ll get some of that back,” referring to the three elections held in 2011. However, she explained that next year, the August Primary and November General Election would have to be covered by the township.

Concluding the overview, Corrin asked if anyone had any questions about the budget. With no public response, the public hearing was closed. Later in the meeting the township board approved the budget.

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