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School board meeting discouraging

Dear Editor,

The New Lothrop School Board met for a workshop on Monday September 27 for what parents thought would be a discussion on how they could hire a teacher for the overcrowded 3rd grade classes. Unfortunately, the board had their minds made up on the issue before even walking in the door which was made apparent when they admitted that the only thing on their agenda to vote for was whether or not to hire an aide.

Before school started this year, the board said the teachers recommended they hire an additional 3rd grade teacher, but they claimed it was a money issue then. At last weeks board meeting, Kurt Lane had information backing up that there WAS money to hire a teacher. At tonight's workshop they said that now the teachers are saying it would be too disruptive to move children to a new classroom at this time. Why are they listening to the teachers now when they ignored them before? All parents in attendance tonight stated that it wouldn't be an issue for their child to either be moved into a new classroom or to stay with the teacher they are with now. Board members actually implied the teachers knew what was best for the children, not taking into consideration that parents know their children best. How would it be any more disruptive for children to get a teacher five weeks into the school year than if midyear a teacher goes on long term sick or maternity leave?

It was very discouraging what happened tonight. Would board members be singing a different tune if their child(ren) were in these overcrowded classrooms and ran the risk of falling behind? All members stated that 36 children in a class certainly wasn't ideal, but tonight's vote to only hire an aide proved they must agree with it.
Suzanne Lane

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