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A closer look at the local vote in the Saginaw Co. Primary

Albee, Brady, Brant, Chapin, Chesaning, Marion & St. Charles townships

Voter turnout for the Aug. 3, 2010 Primary Election was very strong as far as primary elections go. Locally, the highest percentage of registered voters turned out in Maple Grove Township with more than 34 percent. Chapin's 17.6 percent was still very respectable, even though the voter turnout was the lowest percentage in the area (encompassing Albee, Brady, Brant, Chapin, Chesaning, Marion and St. Charles townships).


On examining the results of local votes on Saginaw County ballot proposals, in most cases communities voted the ballot issues in pairs; either approving both, or turning down both proposals. Results showed more than 55 percent of Chesaning and St. Charles area voters supported the Castle Museum and Saginaw County Parks renewals. On the opposite side, Albee, Brady, Maple Grove and Marion Township voters opposed both proposals, with Marion Township voters registering by far the strongest opposition with 67 percent against the parks millage and 78 percent against the museum proposal. Brant and Chapin Township voters split the issues, opposing the museum, but supporting the parks.

On the whole Saginaw County voters approved both measures, renewing existing millage proposals.

It should also be noted that Marion Township voters approved their local millage proposal for roads and bridge construction. However, Albee Township voters didn't approve the proposal to replace its old fire truck.


Board of Commissioners

The Saginaw County Commissioner races for Districts 1, 2 & 3, determined the winners for November. Districts 1 & 3 had candidates only on the Democratic ticket, while District 2 only had candidates on the Republican ticket.

In District 1, incumbent Michael O'Hare faced a determined challenger in Douglas Bishop. O'Hare prevailed. Bishop won Brady Township by one vote; however, O'Hare prevailed in Chesaning, Maple Grove, and St. Charles townships. On the county level, O'Hare pulled in more than 64 percent of the votes in his district.

In District 2, Ron Sholtz drove the victory home in a white convertible, pulling in nearly twice the number of votes as his competitor Jeff Kowalski. Within the Tri- County Citizen coverage area, Sholtz won Brant, Chapin and Marion townships. Overall, Sholtz garnered more than 65 percent of the votes within his district.

In District 3, Cheryl Hadsall won over Jay A. Bruns. Within the Citizen coverage area Hadsall won Albee Township; outside she won Birch Run precincts within District 3. Bruns carried Spaulding Township. Hadsall took in more than 55 percent of the votes in her district.

10th District Circuit Court Judge

James Borchard won the Saginaw County race for 10th District Circuit Court Judge with 44.3 percent of the county vote. However, former State Representative Jim Howell was the overwhelming favorite in Albee, Brady, Brant, Chapin, Chesaning, Marion and St. Charles townships. On the county level, Howell brought in 32.76 percent of the votes, while Paul Purcell had 22.74 percent.

State Senate

In the Republican race for 32nd District State Senate, incumbent Senator Roger Kahn had a strong win over challenger Gary Dunn in the primary, with Senator Kahn sweeping the race in every community. He will face Debasish Mridha in November who was unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

Governor of Michigan In the gubernatorial races, Democrats were firmly behind Virg Bernero, who won all local races over Andy Dillon.

Republicans had five gubernatorial candidates in the race with Rick Snyder winning nearly all of the local districts, as well as the state. However, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox had also made an impression, coming a close second in numerous townships. Cox even captured 13 more votes than Snyder in Marion Township, and one more vote than Snyder in Maple Grove Township.

In Chesaning Township, Precinct 1 chose Cox over Snyder by one vote. But Precinct 2 chose Snyder over Cox by four votes. Snyder and Cox were at the top of the ballot counts in every local tally; leaving Mike Bouchard, Pete Hoekstra, and Tom George in the distance.

No Opposition Primary

94th District State Representative candidates Democrat Vince Mosca and incumbent Republican Ken Horn were unopposed in the primary.

98th District State Representative candidate Republican Jim Stamas was unopposed in the primary. There were no Democrat candidates registered, so Stamas will run unopposed in November as well.

4th District U.S. Representative candidates Democrat Jerry M. Campbell and incumbent Republican Congressman Dave Camp were unopposed in the primary.

In Chesaning Township, Treasurer Cathy Gross and Trustee Bill Hedrich ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket to fill the partial terms for which they had been appointed earlier in the year. No Republican candidates had registered in either of these races.

In Marion Township, Trustee Gerald Starke ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket. No Republican candidates had registered.

Chapin Township had no registered clerk candidates for either Democratic or Republican races.

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