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Construction Project
By Jan Krause Big Rock Elementary Principal Chesaning Union Schools

As you probably already know, Chesaning is going to consolidate its elementary buildings next school year, with Albee and Brady closing their doors.

All three of Chesaning’s elementary buildings are planning transition ceremonies this coming spring as follows and of course everyone is invited to attend:

Albee - Sunday, June 6

Brady - Saturday, June 5.

Big Rock is busy with construction, with completion targeted for May 31. A welcoming tour is being planned for parents and the community in the spring. Moving will take place over the summer.

Our joint parent groups have been planning activities this year to bring both adults and children together. In the fall we had an activity centering on Homecoming, which saw all three buildings getting together at Big Rock. Lunch was served to students and everyone went out and had a good time on the playground. Several activities are planned for the spring.

Albee, Brady, and Big Rock are planning on retiring their flags this spring. When we unite as one in the fall we will introduce a new flag to honor all three schools, while the old flags will be displayed in the newly re-located library.

So, as the beginning of February gets under way, construction is moving ahead right on schedule. The ten new classrooms on the east side of the building will have a roof over them by the first part of February and the interior classroom walls are mostly up with the balance to be erected by mid-February. As of this writing, the concrete floors have been poured in one part of the new section. The multi-purpose room’s north wall is up with the rest of the walls scheduled to be completed by mid- February.

Sometime in March, Big Rock will be getting much needed new classroom windows. When the window installation begins, they will work on one wing, on one side of the hallway, at a time. Therefore, when it comes time to replace the old windows in any given section of the building, the students will have a chance to take a field trip! For the few days that their classroom is getting new windows, the students will be bused to either Albee or Brady for the day where an empty classroom will be waiting for them. Aside from the temporary location, everything will remain the same. They will have whatever they would normally have - gym, music, and any other activities. Lunch will work the same way, with the students putting their codes in as they always do at their home building. We are looking at this as a great opportunity to meet new friends and to get to know a little about their building – if only for a short time.

We are looking forward to the next school year with a larger Big Rock family. With an expanded building and an expanded student body, will come expanded opportunities in education. Stay tuned for an exciting 2010 – 2011 school year!

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