2009-10-18 / News

STC Village approves new cross connection ordinance

By Hillary Grigonis Staff Reporter

ST. CHARLES – The biggest change that business owners may notice in a new cross connection ordinance is simply a smaller time frame for inspections, said St. Charles Village Manager Hal Mead.

The St. Charles Village council unanimously approved the new ordinance after a public hearing during Wednesday’s regular meeting.

A cross connection is defined as connection of pipes where a back flow could occur, according the village’s Cross Connection Control Program. The ordinance allows the village to conduct inspections to prevent water from back flowing into the system. Previously, the Village ordinance allowed inspections between one to five years. The new ordinance allows for inspections every one to three years, due to a new three-year inspection requirement from the Department of Environmental Quality.

During the public hearing, the council welcomed questions concerning the new ordinance. Only one resident posed a question, asking if the ordinance was mainly for businesses or affected residents as well.

Mead said the new ordinance is mainly for businesses. Mead explained that most residential water sources, such as faucets, have an anti-siphon device to prevent backflow.

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