2009-10-18 / News

‘Housequake’ prompts road repairs

By Hillary Grigonis Staff Reporter

ST. CHARLES – A St. Charles homeowner addressed the Village Council Wednesday to say that a bump in the road had him all shook up—literately.

Dale Diltz, a resident on Sanderson Street, told the council that a hump in the nearby Chesaning Street is causing his house to shake when large vehicles drive by.

Village Manager Hal Mead said that the spot on Chesaning street as well as about five other spots would be patched soon. Mead said last winter’s unusually severe frost was probably to blame.

A gas line underneath Chesaning Street may be the culprit in why the frost created a bump instead of a pothole, Mead said.

“Last year, frost did some strange things,” Mead said. “We’ve had roads that have never done that before [that did last year].”

Mead said the repairs should be completed before November 15.

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